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Wanna send us your music? That’s rad! We love hearing new music! We get a lot of demos, and we listen to every single one, but we’ve got a couple rules to help us keep everything organized.

Please send any and all demos to

Please only send streaming links, ideally Soundcloud or Bandcamp - please don’t attach files because these clog up our inbox and our phones and our minds and our hearts.

Please include a little bit about yourself - a short bio is great. Ideally, please don't send us long press releases - a couple personal sentences is way more helpful than a two-page PDF listing everything you've ever done and what you had for breakfast three years ago.

We have never signed a band solely on hearing their demo because live music is so, so important to us. When sending through your music, please let us know when you are playing in Toronto and we will come down and check it out if we wanna hear more.

Have a video? We would love to watch it! Please include a link in the body of the email to a streaming link to check it out. If not, please don’t let this deter you from sending us your music. Videos are cool, but they’re not everything.

We listen to every submission that comes through, but we can’t always respond to everything. If we want to hear more from you, we promise we will be in touch. If we don’t reply, it’s nothing personal, but it’s just not the right time.

Please don’t follow up about a demo submission - we will listen to everything and get back to you if we want to hear more. However, please feel free to send through multiple demos if you are working on something new and want us to hear it.

Thanks so much, and we can’t wait to hear it!

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